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Darrin DeLuza isn't the first homeless New York City artist to make a deal with the devil for fame and fortune... but he may be the first one to journey into Hell to get his soul back. Darrin must travel, with his ever-faithful parrot sidekick Dalí, on this high-stakes adventure to see if he can outsmart the devil and regain what he so foolishly gave up, battling every evil force that comes along to stop him.



Fan Favorite

It was an accident. Cain was an average guy who never meant to kill anyone. But now that he has, how will he ever live with it? Take a journey with Cain, as he desperately tries to make sense of one of the most ancient of human emotions: a guilty conscience. What works and what doesn't? Lies, cover-ups, distraction, thrill-seeking, psychics? And what unlikely helper shows up to confront Cain on his mission? Read this tell-all journal to find out!

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