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The Work of Giancarlo Ghedini

You’ve just found the most popular speculative fiction site in the multiverse! It's at least in the top one billion. All the residents from the other ten dimensions are raving about it. Seriously. In addition to my flash fiction parables and short stories, I offer writing tips and tools every author can use. There are helpful videos and eBooks and access to the award-winning Story King Podcast, a show all about fiction, film and form, where I interview fellow writers, filmmakers and creatives of all stripes (and sometimes my kids). Take a look around and explore the mind and madness of Story King Books today!



Hi there, I'm Giancarlo Ghedini. I'm an independent author and podcast host from New York City. I created Story King Books in 2020 as a place to share and sell the books I write. Nearly all my fiction is of a speculative nature. Non-fiction work, like author branding tools, podcasting, and essays on writing will be coming soon! Check out my YouTube channel and Instagram for weekly writing tip videos. I launched The Story King Podcast in 2019. On the show, I interview creatives and discuss the business and art of storytelling in its many forms. There are three blogs running on this site: Short Stories, Writing Tips, and Essays. So whether you're a writer looking to sharpen your craft or simply a fan of strange tales, you've come to the right place! So buy a book and support an indie author or you can choose a monthly membership tier on my Patreon page. Don't forget to drop your email in the subscription form at the bottom of the page for freebies and updates. Glad you stopped by. Enjoy the content!

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